Who is your huckleberry?

I’m not having a Batman moment, and I do not think that strategically wearing glasses will hide my true identity.  Finding a picture of myself in an ATV helmet was clutch for this post; it adds a bit of absurdity.  However, I’m hoping that some semblance of anonymity will make it easier to write.  And make the writing more truthful.

I’m doing this blog to remember my journey, and I’m pretty sure only my mother will read it regularly.  But, it’s a project I believe I will enjoy.  I hope others can enjoy it too, if they choose to partake of my ramblings.  So, if you know who I am, please keep my name out of the comments. A mere mention will incur instant deletion (upon discovery) and ample annoyance.  I’m building a fictional wall out of marshmallows here, for pete’s sake!

But Huckleberry, you say, some of your photos show your face!  Not really.  I haven’t posted a full photo of myself, just little fractions and bits of me.  It’s part of my marshmallow wall.

Why “huckleberry” in particular?  First, I like Tombstone.  The movie – I’m more of a Totinos girl for frozen pizza.  Second, and in the vein of Tombstone, I like that someone can say: “If X is what you need, then I’m the person you’re looking for” with some quality southern swagger and a damn good one-liner.   I am experimenting with living in different places in America for longer periods of time than vacationing usually allows, and I will constantly be learning about those locations, the people, the food (I love food), and my reaction to it all.  If this interests you, and if you like my style, then I am your huckleberry to the extent you allow me to be.

My first post explains my mission in this blog and a little about me.  It was written a few months ago on my birthday.  About that – my posts will not necessarily be sequential.  That’s just the way it is.  I highly recommend reading my first post even if you’ve already dabbled in other posts!  In fact, it is so key to the blog, that I kept it separate in the menu.

After I had the huckleberry idea, I started the google machine.  Turns out huckleberries are very similar to blueberries!  This is a bonus if for no other reason than I thoroughly enjoy blueberry jam on my pbj’s.  Apparently, the “huckleberry friend” in Moon River is a reference to the author picking huckleberries as a child in the summer, and to the carefree experience of Huckleberry Finn juxtaposed with the more adult, but still carefree, life of Holly Golightly.  Also interesting.

Will I write everyday?  Goodness, no!  That would feel like trying to capture life in a bottle instead of swimming through it.  But, I’ll try to write at least once a week.  And I promised myself that I would not post if I’d been drinking or if I’m upset.  Feel free to call me out if I slip up!

—  Your huckleberry

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