Maiden voyage

Tomorrow is the big day.  I’m anxious.  I know that I am.  But, I’ve been so focused on packing and trying to finish my project for work that I haven’t really processed it.  So, how do I know that I’m anxious?

Maybe I know because I’ve been tired all day, and a million thoughts of preparation and tiny things to remember are a barrage on my mind.  Maybe the true signal was that on the eve of my journey, I made a pbj as a late night snack, and dropped the jelly side of the sandwich on one of the only pairs of jeans that actually fit me.  Last minute laundry!  Air dry catastrophe!  I learned my lesson – don’t drink and jelly.

I’ve also had some more practical speed bumps leading up to my trip.  My car has around 84,000 miles and is a 2011 Volkswagen CC.  Since it’s been out of warranty, I’ve had at least $1,000 of maintenance every year (regular and irregular).  At least!  And I’m just sick of it.  I’m sick of having an unreliable car.  I was going to try to keep it until just before 100,000 miles, but if I had any more trouble I was going to trade it in.  Sure enough, on three separate occasions, it would not start on the first try. Huckleberry, you say, this could be a very simple and cheap fix.  Of course it could. However, all I see is the initial dips into a money pit.  Unfortunately, this occurred on a Saturday, and I was leaving for New Orleans on a Tuesday (tomorrow).  Long story short, I’m taking my mother’s car to New Orleans.

In addition, and quite importantly, I didn’t have enough time to get highlights done before going on my trip.  As I’m preparing to leave, it’s just around the 8-week mark since my last appointment, so things are happening.  Blame it all on my roots…

Maybe I know that I’m apprehensive about tomorrow because as soon as I really stopped distracting myself with other activities, I started thinking about the main show.  Tomorrow will be my first excursion into adventure.  I will wake early and drive to New Orleans, and I will live there, with my compatriot, for 28 days.  Maggie, the endearing poodle mix, is also apprehensive.  Sometimes, all it takes is seeing a suitcase to accomplish this small feat.  Maggie is 19 pounds, so not much tension needs to amount for my nugget to feel it.

I say it’s adventure, but really it’s uncertainty.  I only know 2 people who live there, and I don’t know the area.  I have an Airbnb, an iPhone, and a dog.

And I’m completely resolved to make it work.

I’ve gone over my packing list about a dozen times.  I’ve both over- and under- packed, but this first trip will be a learning experience for what I actually need to bring.  The final breakdown in the car is 1/3 – Magnolia, 2/3 – me.

As a special treat, I’m sharing my expansive packing list with you.  A double dash after the item means I packed it.  There’s only 1 item that I completely changed my mind and didn’t bring.  For many items I added duplicates during the packing process, so it turned out to be more than I originally estimated.  Why stop at 1 pair of sandals, when you can bring 2?

How do you pack for a month in variable climate?? This is how, Huckleberry-style.

— Your huckleberry


New Orleans list

1 pair of heels – blue suede?–
2 flats–
2 boots?–
Rain boots? Couldn’t find them L
Flip flops–
Other sandals?–
Running shoes–

Running socks–
Boot socks —

Sports bras–
Long and Capri yoga pants–
Running ear muff thingy–
Running and normal sunglasses —
Ear buds–
Phone holder–
Work out shirts. 2 long sleeved. Rest tank.–

2 pairs jeans–
2 shorts–
2 date/professional dresses–
1 suit jacket–
Going out dress and shirt–
Tanks– shirts–
3 cold weather sweaters–
Light jacket–
Heavy jacket–

Sleep pants and shorts–
Sleep shirt -2–

Proper bras: black, nude, with and without straps–

Period stuff–
Rx info–
Make up remover cloth–
Makeup. Look for extras in the cabinet!–
Go through samples and bring some!—(I had a monthly subscription to a beauty box and now have millions of samples to use)
Deodorant —
Toothbrush and charger–
Up band and charger–
Phone and charger–
Yellow super charger for travel and cord–
Shampoo, conditioner, body wash, scratchy thingy–
Face lotion–
Body lotion–

Vitamins – l lysine, b complex, omega 3, emergencee–
Tummy, headache and allergy pills–
Medical insurance card–

Bathing suit, towels, sunscreen. Just in case!–

Check books – personal and business–
Credit card–
Debit cards – personal and business–
Scratch pad books and pens–
Lap desk–
Computer bag–

Extra nonperishable food from kitchen–
Protein powder–
Yoga mat–
Exercise vids? Nah.

Dog food and treats–
Dog toys–
Crate, bed and blankets–
Dollar store towels for car ride–
Heartworm pill!!–
Shampoo —
Water bowl–
Shot papers–

When arrive, find a grocery store and get:
Coffee and filters (if needed)
Eggs or egg beaters
Bread product
Almond milk
Spray oil

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